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Our role

 what makes ITC unique

The joint mandate of the UN and the WTO

As the joint agency of the United Nations and the WTO, ITC is the only multilateral agency fully dedicated to supporting the internationalisation of SMEs. Its joint mandate combines a focus on expanding trade opportunities with the aim of fostering sustainable development. 

Universal membership and neutrality
All UN and WTO members are governing members of ITC. The organization objectively and impartially carries out its technical assistance in support of the internationalisation of SMEs.

Depth of experience operating coherently at government, trade and investment support institution (TSI) and SME level to grow trade.
ITC has a strong track record of connecting developing country businesses to value chains, building sustainable market linkages and delivering positive development outcomes. ITC’s distinctive feature is to offer integrated solutions by building institutional, managerial and entrepreneurial capacities simultaneously at government, institutional and enterprise levels.
A clear focus on helping SMEs internationalise
ITC’s main focus is to facilitate SME success in international business. Having worked with SMEs for 50 years, ITC is familiar with the unique needs of SMEs, including women-owned enterprises, and has vast experience in improving their international competitiveness and connecting them with markets.

100% Aid for Trade
All ITC’s work is focused on Aid for Trade, an initiative that helps developing countries in building capacity and trade-related infrastructure to expand trade opportunities.
Working with the private sector to support private sector development
ITC brings together public and private sector actors to jointly contribute to a conducive business environment. ITC also works with the private sector to support its capacity as buyers, investors, and providers of technical assistance.

Adaptability and nimbleness
As a relatively small organization, ITC is able to rapidly shape its approach based on insights and perspectives of its beneficiaries and partners. This flexibility enables us to adapt to the changing needs of clients in a dynamic fast-paced international business environment.

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